Online First Aid and CPR Training


Prior to COVID-19, Online First Aid and CPR was merely a choice. That’s no longer the case: Online First Aid has now shifted to the front of the line and is effectively the only choice — at least until the ‘curve has flattened.’

To help participants not panic about their certification, WSIB, on Ontario, has generated — albeit interim a First Aid Interim Certificate, or as I refer to it: FAIC. This allows participants to do all the theory online, then once done, this FAIC will be created. The great part about it, is that it will be recognised by all schools and businesses alike as a First Aid Certificate.

Of course, even is you did online First Aid, you’d still need to do the practical. So if you’ve done the theory through First Aid Care, then you’d need to contact us about setting up a date and time to come in for the practical part. When all’s done, you be issued the full certificate.

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