CPR Level C Blended Learning – Scarborough Courses – MAY 9 (PM)


CPR level C

First Aid Care offers this course as the format of Blended Learning or Online Training.  This allows participants to complete the course at their own pace.  The online course is recognized across Canada by all Schools and most workplaces.  

Core Content CPR Level C

  • You will be taught about the EMS/911 system.
  • The Check, Call and Care systematic approach to first aid.  Essential steps for remaining safe while rendering first aid.
  • Ways to reduce or eliminate the risks of infection and the importance of wearing gloves and with COVID-19 the importance of wearing masks, too.
  • On the trauma side, participants would be taught when and how to apply a tourniquet and the risks attached when deciding to use one.
  • The dangers of aspiration and why it is essential to look out for it.
  • Airway, breathing and circulation
  • The Recovery Position
  • Stroke
  • Choking (infant, child & adult)
  • Circulation Emergencies (Cardiac Arrest – infant, child & adult)

Good to Know

  • Must attend complete all the modules
  • Be able to do all the practical requirements of the course.  Let the instructor know if you have any mobility issues.
  • Multiple choice format quiz at end of course.   (min. passing grade: 75%)