Just like during a regular cold and flu season, there are steps you can take to stay healthy. In fact, it is important to remember that while COVID-19 is being talked about so much, it is still cold and flu season. Here are some general ways to reduce your risk of getting sick:

  • Regularly wash your hands with warm water and soap, or use hand sanitizer if proper hand washing facilities are unavailable
  • Avoid close contact with people who are feeling sick
  • Frequently clean and disinfect common surfaces like counter tops, doorknobs, bedside tables, phones, remote controls, keyboards, and phones at least once a day
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands

Be Prepared:

Just like with the Scouts’ motto, it’s always good to be prepared! One way you can be ready is to make sure you have what you need so that if you become ill you can still stay home for 7 – 14 days. Consider stocking up on items like:

  • Non-perishable food items
  • Personal hygiene items
  • Daily personal medications
  • Things that you like to have when you’re not feeling well, like tea
  • Cold,flu and pain medications that are approved by your healthcare provider for everyone in your family
  • Pet supplies
  • Also take a moment to check your thermometer’s batteries. 
  • One last thing: No need to hoard! There’s ample to go around!

Doing Our Part:

The warmer it gets, the more risks we may [inadvertently] take. Like gathering on sidewalks or in parks — or running more errands. If we want to beat this, we must not loose focus. Let’s nip ‘the second phase’ in the bud!

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